Spring Mash Up Series

March 31, 2019 Start at 10:00am

Are you ready for a crazy new race at Happy Jack? The WHAT team is here to challenge you to a race like no other! A new format with fun loops and tons of good times to be had by all! Beginner to Master Blaster the challenge has been issued!


Mash Up Spring Series 2019 Results - Overall Results.pdf

course map

Race format

Yeah, that map looks crazy! Here's how its going to work.

Series with Final Pursuit:

Each leg will be run to completion with a small break between legs to change skis.

The first leg will be a self seeded mass start freestyle from Round-a-bout down Meadow to the Lower Meadow for a big tear drop turn around and back up Meadow to finish on Round-a-bout

The second leg will start on a chevron mass start with three lanes. Seed order will be finish order from the first leg. This leg will be a classic leg going up Upper UW and finishing back at Round-a-bout.

The third leg will start on the chevron with the seeds based on the second lap finish order. This freestyle leg will go up Phil's to Moose and back down to finish on Round-a-bout with Gobi's included, pending snow conditions.

The fourth leg will be another classic leg, starting on the chevron with seeds from the third leg. This leg will go down Lower UW and climb back to Round-a-bout via the Rollercoaster trail.

The final leg will be freestyle, down Ridge onto Alder and onto Chyt's Cut to finish in the Lower Meadow. The final leg will be a pursuit start based on cumulative time from the first four legs. The first person to the finish line will be our overall winner. Race organizers reserve the right to apply handicaps to seed times in the pursuit start.

WHAT, classic legs?

That's right, we are gonna klister skis. The WHAT team will be on hand to classic wax your skis for you! Wax provided will be a universal easy wax. This will be a good day to wax up your waxless skis or if you want a more detailed wax job you can use our benches to do it yourself! We don't want wax to be a barrier to entry so we will offer this service. Donations for better wax will be accepted.

We are not going to do shuttle services like other Happy Jack races, you will need to bring skis and whatever else you want up under your own power. Please just ski up to the Round-a-bout, do not walk on ski trails! Water and sunscreen will be necessary for this day. A way to change boots, if you want to change boots, would also be a good idea.


Day of registration will take place on Round-a-bout and will close at 9:30 for ski waxing. To register now click the button below. There is no fee for this race but bring cash if you want fast skis!


We will host this rain or shine. But to see what the race is gonna be like check this link:

after race hang Sess

After the race we will be hanging out in lower meadow to clean klister, talk about the WHAT team and hopefully enjoy the sun. Bring a snack and join us for some awesome community social time! Liquid carbo-refuel will be available to all legal adults, plan accordingly.


Contact us at train@whatteam.org