Summer Training

Summer Training with WHAT team:

The 5 W’s of summer


Summer training is extremely important to cross country skiing. Because of the nature of the sport, athletes need to be extremely fit. Whether this is working on work capacity, aerobic capacity, lactate threshold, VO2 max, strength or technique it all begins in the summer. The WHAT plan begins with aerobic capacity work with gym sessions to increase general strength and start training neuromuscular adaptation.

The WHAT plan is primarily focused on general fitness during the summer. This makes it very compatible with a number of sports. The plans flexibility allows coaches to work with athletes to not only achieve their skiing goals but also goals in other sports.


Summer training through the club is available to anyone that wants to work endurance fitness. The club will maintain a focus on cross country skiing but will take the goals of individual athletes into consideration to form a training plans.

Dan Lewis will be the head coach and run the majority of practices. We will also have guest coaches and people from around the community help occasionally to get a different perspective on training and to help keep workouts top quality.


Practices will start from Washington Park bandshell, this may change if there is a better centralized spot that athletes can meet at. Strength Training will be held in the High School Weight room.


Practices will be held Monday through Friday at 4:00pm. Strength training will be held during open gym hours. Optional and Advanced practices will be held Friday mornings, more if we have interest. Bonus and individual practices will be worked out with athletes wanting extra work. Practice time may also change if there is a better time for the vast majority of athletes. Practices on average will be 1.5 hours long for the afternoons and 1 hour for strength.


Practices will consist of running mostly. We will start with in town runs, as we progress through the training plan we will eventually outrun Laramie and run a couple days up at Happy Jack. Some practices will include ski bounding, which we will use old classic poles.

Advanced and Optional practices will be rollerskiing. Saturday mornings will be our rollerski day. This year I hope to get athletes out regularly that have rollerskis and get the kids that don’t have rollerskis an opportunity to try them. If you have more questions about rollerskis or want more information please let me know.

Strength training will focus on safe lifting practices, general lifting technique, general strength and neuromuscular adaptation. Strength training will also focus on core stability and strength.