2021 whatever Virtual Races

Race #5 Postponed-Submit times by March 28.

RAce Course:

Start and Finish will be about half way through the Meadow trail. Ski up Meadow to Upper UW, then onto Phil's, back down to Ridge and onto Rollercoaster to finish back in the Meadow. As close to a true 5k and I will be able to get!

Series Standings

2021 WHATever Virtual Races

Race #4 Classic Race

Preliminary Results (subject to change):

2021 WHATever Virtual Races

Race Course:

This is a point to point race, the Start and Finish are not in the same place!

Start will be on Haunted Forest. Ski Haunted Forest and climb out of Lower Van's inbound and turn onto Lower Van's outbound. Ski the Upper Van's loop and back to Moose via Lower Van's outbound (the steep downhills on Lower Van's inbound are not in this course). Ski Moose, Tie City Turnpike, Phil's Pholly, Lower UW, Blackjack, Roller Coaster, and Upper UW. Finish is at the end of Upper UW!

Race #3 Skill Quest

2021 WHATever Virtual Races

race #2 Hill Climb Challenge

2021 WHATever Virtual Races

Race #1 Pole Mountain Shuffle

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Race Course:

Start in Lower Meadow, Meadow, Upper UW, Phils, Tie City Turnpike, Moose, Lower Vans, Take Van's Cut-Off, Back in, Lower UW, Blackjack, Rollercoaster, Rigde, Alder, back to Lower Meadow Finish

Crazy Times! Grab your skis, face mask and a stopwatch and join us for some weekend skis to explore the Happy Jack Trail System!

Ski a different course every other week starting on January 16 and then come share your experience during our virtual awards ceremony! The awards will be a time to come together as a community and talk a little skiing!

Online registration, live results, official results and series standing will be run though Webscorer. You will be asked to create an account in Webscorer. All of this information will also be posted here on the WHAT team site. If you do not wish to register through Webscorer please email me at train@whatteam.org

Race DAtes


Jan. 16

Jan. 30

Feb. 13

Feb. 27

Mar. 13


Pole Mountain Shuffle

Hill Climb Challenge

Skill Quest

Classic Ski!

Spring Mash UP

Apx. Distance






It is only with the help of the Medicine Bow Nordic Association that we are able to put on this series. Please help the ski trails by becoming a member today!


rules and procedure

  • WHAT team will "host" four races this year and along with the Pole Mountain Shuffle there will be the five races in this series.

  • Times will be self reported and on the honor system. You can complete the courses and submit a completed as your time to get some series points.

  • Four of the five races will count toward racers series score.

  • Every race will be scored using the World Cup scoring system. Every racer will receive at least one point per race. Ties will be added together and divided among the tied skiers.

  • Courses will be published on Thursday before the race. Courses will be emailed to participants and posted on this website.

  • Courses will be groomed by the MBNA staff the morning before the race. Courses will be open at 10:00am.

  • Courses will be loosely marked. It will be the responsibility of the participant to know the course. We are not going to require any kind of GPS or tracking to participate. If your ego is so wrapped up in winning a series such as this that you purposely cheat, then WHAT team can help direct those people to the nearest out-house.

  • Course marking will consist of a start line, finish line and arrows at trail intersections.

  • All races will be freestyle but double points will be available for those who choose to do the classic race.

  • Because of the variable conditions of snow, races must be completed on the day of the race. If anyone wants to race the course on a different day they can do so for a half score of their placing time.

  • Racers assume all risk associated with cross country skiing. This includes but is not limited to course deterioration, changing snow and weather conditions, and other skiers on course.

  • There will not be any race representatives or first aid on site for these races.

  • Racers be required to follow all public health orders. Anyone found ignoring health orders or skiing while sick will be automatically disqualified from the entire series.

  • There are no race fees for this series! Donations are always greatly appreciated.